Dreams and Spiderwebs

What is it that I dream of doing? Well for one I dream of not being sick any more. This little virus is an evil little guy, dragging me down for going on nearly a week now. It's quite boring. But onward to the juicy stuff...

I dream to create. I dream to style. I dream to feel free on every morning that I awake.

I love making my little earrings. I love finding fun pieces of clothing yelling at me to give them new chances. I also love making content and being able to help inspire and help others find strength and courage within themselves.

Y'all see where the descriptive word eclectic comes into play for me right?

There's a lot I want and yearn to do. And to me it all ties together in some sort of chaotic, creative, beautiful way under my business.

Having my freedom to create, allows me to make pieces that make my art wearable that I can share with others. This also allows me to connect with like minds. This then leads me to help those like minds reach goals they are trying to achieve.

I do indeed have some sort of method to my madness. We actually all do even when we may feel like we don't. Our minds are incredible, complex creatures on their own.

Life can kind of be a spiderweb in sorts. But you can make the choice to be the spider that rules that web.

I know this post has nothing to do with earrings but just maybe you're a creative mind like me and just maybe this will lend you a little bit of inspiration today.

And if your inclined to want to talk more and talk through some things just reach out . I must declare that I'm a Happiness Coach and my niche is working with creatives just like you and me 😉.

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