November is an early New Year

I don't know why I always feel like November is my new year. Maybe it's because the leaves are turning and it feels like it is a perfect transition time. Or maybe it's that every year I seem to hunker down and start my big projects around this time every year...the cooler weather encouraging me to spend more time inside. Either way, I'm sitting here at my desktop waiting for the dye on my hair to process (which is yes the third time I've dyed my hair in the last couple of weeks), working on my website refresh and planning all my big winter projects.

This year had so much growth held in it. One of those big growth moments being the launch of my earring and accessories business, something that has been on my "want to do" list for quite some time. It's really exciting watching it come to life, even if I'm still flailing a bit trying to figure out what I really want it to look like. They say to just start, and not wait until you have it all figured out. So, here I am.

My earrings are only the beginning of my great journey. I needed a place where I can transform my artwork into more. More than just a canvas to hang on the wall. I'll learn what my customers and followers want of course as I go. And there I will balance on a line between who I am and how my business reflects that and giving y'all what you want.

In the first month of my little business here, I launched several designs. Once it started flowing it just seemed to pour out. I can't even keep up with myself to get them made, photographed, and posted. So maybe this colder weather ahead will help me do just that.

My earrings are a simple set up with some having complex designs. I have some fun ideas for the holiday season coming your way too. Think ugly sweaters, animal lovers, and more. All along with that I'll keep some of my staples, which is my floral designs.

If you really want to be the first to know and to have, then my monthly earrings club is where it's at. You'll get your hands on my new designs before anyone else.

Well I'll leave you with all those thoughts for now... I have some dye to go rinse out of my hair.

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